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Catch up and New Workfare Scheme, Same old slave labor.

September 26, 2014

Been another while since I last updated. That is because all hell has hit the fan in the past few months. Bedroom tax has us in a strangle hold that is looking to see us getting evicted, or FORCED out of a place I have community ties.
I’ve had the RSPCA alarmist inspector by the name of Jim Far have 1 of my dogs murdered because the guy jumps to judgments and assumptions and NOT listen to the situation at all, 5 gold fish he claimed had been re-homed turned up in a pet shop where if they were not going to be sold in one week would be killed because they could not afford to keep them. (aka they were taking up tank space for higher value stock. (I wont put the whole story of that here, because that is NOT what today’s blog is about.)
I’ve had Hastoe Housing trying to make me homeless because I do not have a freaking penny to my name because I’m endlessly jumping hoops for bleeding job center and ended up in debt all over the place because of it and now have a DRO that stops me from gaining credit of £500 in a month (aka I’m not aloud to work so to speak, because the job might pay to much, that is bleeding annoying.)
so Hastoe took out a county court judgement a few years ago against me one of those seeking possession order where I was told 3 different court dates due to weather conditions at the time as “no body could travel to Plymouth due to being snowed in” and then suddenly a seeking possession order turns up on a date never mentioned to me from a court in Cardiff! and when I ask about it apparently a court in Plymouth issued it, So I never had the chance to represent myself! But I did tell the housing officer at the time I could afford £15PMC on what I had to pay (at the time my circumstances allowed for that.) things have changed dramatically since then! job center endlessly forcing me into work I KNOW will not pay and will only make things worse. in 2011 I worked at a local theme park for a while, I never got the hours needed to get tax credit apparently, it always seemed to be just under or just over, so that sent our money into chaos. and since 2011 i’ve been looking for work, and refusing to take stupid jobs for 2 hours a day at a distance that wont pay for bus travel to it, after the theme park I wont take 0 hours contacts again their to unreliable, perfect for kids getting into work for the first time that still live at home as a summer job, Rubbish for anyone of any age with bills to pay.
most of 2012 was 6 months with job centre and until August when I got sent to that sham of a place working links for 2 years, that finished august this year, and I got put into the “intensive” job searching where I have to sing on every blooming week, and get sent on “work placements in my local community” eh huh, Except both myself and my partner do Community work at our local community shop as volunteers. (think something like Spa but no profit and a lifeline to a rural community.)
But that is apparently NOT good enough, Their sending me to sainsburys on a program called “feeding Britons future” same all rubbish with a new name, same Supermarkets involved as well. (Morrisons. Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys,ect) I’m not even in the accepted age group (16-25) I’m in the 25+ (being 32)  yet its still 1 month of the same old rubbished working links have just forced on me, only adding into it Slave labor! Were I go to a supermarket that SACKS people to put people on these unpaid “work placements”. I would not mind so much if it was a REAL job, but that I’m going to be forced to do 30h a week for nothing peeves me right off. its in a location I can not even get to very easily and is 3 hours away now (thanks to how stagecoach have messed about with the buses). I can’t drive and neither can my partner. So to say I’m a bit miffed right now is a HUGE understatement. Oh and we have to give them a weeks warning about doctors appointments. (because you know being ill gives you that much warning.)

As for my partner all the same stuff as me except different slave labor program, he’s been sent to Pathfinders, a bunch of utter twits! they can’t seem to think of anywhere out side of Torbay, its like their Brains just can not comprehend a world outside of Torbay. (a bit like MPs can’t comprehend a world outside of london.) they want him to be at places for 9am, that he will be lucky to get to before 11am thanks to once again buses. He phones in to book times to see them, they say something on the phone he tells them if he can or can not make it, they book it anyway and he gets the letter the DAY AFTER! so we are under constant threat of being sanctioned because of Pathfinders in Torquay. and again they want a weeks notice of Doctors appointments, they told him to declare bankruptcy, and have NO clue what a DRO is. They kept telling him he has to move house. (with WHAT MONEY!) and whole bunch of other rubbish.
Needless to say my partner has now gone to the doctors about health problems both job center and pathfinders are ignoring, to find he should be on medium level ESA due to his back, and naturally he suffers with depression. I myself am yet to see my Doctor not even sure HOW I’m going to do it since its on the same day as one of these work fare days 30/09/14 as my depression has come back with vengeance after the past year i’ve just come through with things only set to get worse, with my last cat in the vets with a life and death illness, add in this rubbish from job center the threat of being made homeless by Hastoe where the housing officers LIE even to CAB, its diabolical.

The whole situation with Hastoe is stupid, since feb this year I’ve had a DRO because I just can not make ends meet AT ALL, when the DRO came in our legal adviser told us not to pay -anyone- until they contacted me to make a NEW agreement on sums I could afford. Hastoe did not contact me at ALL on anything to do with rent until recently. Telling me their going to replace some old rotten windows, and that I’m getting a plum tree are NOT rent related at all, I’ve not so much as had a rent statement until just recently. I have tried to phone them, only to be told we have yet another new housing officer, Their not dealing with my rent any more, Or that they don’t know who our housing officer is at the moment, or their not in office, or I leave a message (that never seems to be got), this left me unsure WHO to contact or talk to within hastoe until VERY recently. And Hastoe claim I’ve been hard to contact?! my details have been the SAME for the past 7 years and my postal address the same for the past 11  years! (and the postal address they should know!) but that said its only the housing officers that seem to have “trouble” contacting me, their housing Maintenance team have NO such trouble, they phone, e-mail or mail me and bamph they get a reply the very moment I am able to, but apparently NOT their housing officers who only seem to contact me with a bully boy attitude. “do this now or we will take you to court” Or “your braking your court order” and as for the DRO its like they’ve tried to stick their head in the sand with it! Now their trying to wriggle out of it by saying the amount on it is wrong. WELL DUH that’s because I’ve been getting the local council to get on top of it for me! They said some of the arrears were their fault and have tried to help! They are also working to try and stop me from going homeless so they can Safely downsize us and give them TIME to help us find some where to downsize to that is near or in to our community, but even they said there is NO WHERE! even outside of our local community.
Then there is the fact that when CAB call our housing officer is always out of office. (fair enough they have to do walk about) but at least make sure the one left to handle things is told the TRUTH! the one we spoke to yesterday was Very rude (again) extremely unhelpful and told the CAB person trying to help me get back on top of all of this that “I had no intention of paying” THAT WAS AN OUT RIGHT LIE! I’ve been trying to contact Hastoe for MONTHS trying to come to a new agreement with them about paying it!

So as you can see I am utterly FUMING as well as feeling the bite of depression, but more over you can see WHY.
Please find attached the PDF’s of my partners Pathfinder welcome pack so you can see for yourself just how bad it is.
pathfinderInitialassessmentrecordPDF   Welcomepackpdf

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