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Universal job match

November 7, 2013

Now then I’ve been looking around for a solution to a problem many job seekers now or will have. I have to admit it is a chip on my own shoulder as well. The latest in the assault is Universal job match run by, in my eyes its a nasty little website that is essentially a Government/DWP sanctioned Trojan Virus that you are FORCED to use daily as a job seeker, it annoys me because I feel that; Why do I have to fight the system to get a few pittance to help me while I’m down on my luck, and WHY do I have to fight a system that is meant to support me in this time for my BASIC human rights?
Well UJM is the latest attack on that my right to privacy, UJM leaves cookies on your comp for up to 10 years with some of the shortest being up to 3 years, This is what annoys me about these cookies. Normally a Cookie is used to store your passwords and info that’s just handy to have. UJM twist that, its actively USED to spy on what you are doing on your PC. Job centre will try and force you to use UJM, While it is mandatory to signed up and use it. however  it is not legally mandatory to force you to let them view it. So there are a few ways to get around using this nasty thing at home. I’ll go for the more simple ones first. then I’ll go for the more complex ones for the more comp orientated people.

Ok firstly lets make sure you know about what is going on and what your rights are.
Law regarding Cookies:
Now then time for things you can do to protect yourself and your privacy.

This is for the less comp knowledgeable persons.

1: if you have a comp at home; Do not use it at home. Go to a work club, or ask your local working programme provider if you can use their computers, and tell them you do not have a computer at home or internet access. They will give you a paper biased thing to fill out instead.

2: Once you are in your UJM go to your account. Scroll down to the bottom there are two check box’s, make sure they are unchecked one allows 3rd parties to have your personal info the other lets DWP view it. If you un check both you not only make it that they have got to ask YOU what you are doing, but you are also making them do their job in the first place. this means they have got to ask you what you have been doing and issue with a paper form to fill out over a two week time. and they will try and bully you into letting them look at it, including adding it to your jobseekers agreement “that you will allow them to view it” I hate the fact that you must view JCP/DWP and their staff as your enemy I really do but the truth is they not there to help you at all they are looking for any tiny reason to sanction you to meet their untruthful targets of unemployment falling in the UK

Ok this is for the more in the know about comp things (follow the last stuff anyway if you can, better safe the sorry) but if you find you are stuck having to look at UJM at home this will help you as well.

Ok the next step is stopping the cookies from staying on your system or even getting there, there are a few things that can aid this.
There are a number of programs out there that do cookie removal such as hotspot,Spy bot, Malwerebytes  and many others, but you can never be sure they have hit the ones you want. Tor internet browser will help stop some of the cookies being stored, there are also proxy sites you can add to that on top such as Foxy proxy and ninja proxy to add on top of using Tor, but sadly you must become somewhat paranoid in a sense to insure your privacy is protected in this case.

Tor internet Browser:

Adwere protection and removal programs:

Next up is what you  need to do and check.

How to control cookies:

How to delete cookies:

Now hopefully this is of help to a lot of people, including the people not so in the comp know. sadly as job seekers on JSA, ESA, Pip or anything else they want to name it we have got to stay 10 steps ahead of them all the damn time, It sickens me we have to fight the system just to make it work, and is sickens me more that the government of the UK is being aloud to get away with social cleansing and slave labour unchallenged. they demand more and more on the job seekers while making it imposable for job seekers to meet the targets they set, there are only 24 hours in a day and what they are asking is for us to work at finding a job for 28 hours a day, no human can do the imposable and its time the government wake up and stopped asking the imposable and unlawful of people.

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  1. samedifference1 permalink
    November 7, 2013 1:45 pm

    Reblogged this on Same Difference.

  2. November 8, 2013 10:55 am

    This site has lots of really good information about how to stop sites tracking you:
    The browser addons bit tells you about disconnect which really helps, though you will find it harder to share things to twitter and facebook, and might have to whitelist sites briefly to be able to do it. HTTPS everywhere is also good as it forces sites to let you browse securely.

  3. Technicaloperative01 permalink
    November 8, 2013 10:15 pm

    You could just create an additional account on your home PC purely for the purposes of doing your job search activity. The cookies are user specific, not computer specific. Therefore they will be able to obtain your job search activity, but not your private activities on the PC. You just need to remember to log out of the job search account when you are finished.

    • September 26, 2014 11:53 am

      Nope I use a program Called Tor, It stops it from storing files on my comp in the first place, its less hassle then changing accounts all the time and works much like fire fox, only safer.

  4. November 9, 2013 9:36 am

    Thanks Same Difference and Anna – I was unimpressed with the constant cookie popping up in the website – will alert several competent Deafies seeking work.

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