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Email letter from my MP

October 19, 2013

Well I got a response from my MP today. she got a little more out of them then I ever get, but still I’m stuck in a hopeless problem it seems. I dread to think how many others are stuck in this same problem or stuck in something worse because of the red tape and B.S. in a system that is meant to support the most in need. The system was broken before Ian Duncan smith, its now utterly broken with him. it trapped you before, it’ll see you dead now. and the ones everyone hears about the 1% of all benefit claminets, the ones that cheat. Or the extream one where they have endless kids to diddle the system. Those people are not right, but they are not the WHOLE they are 1% of them, the 99% are painted up as being the same, they are not, Most people do not want to live in poverty, there is no bloody way you could live on income based JSA with out being pulled into massive debt, the amount you get doesn’t even cover a BASIC food bill, let alone all your house hold bills, such as, electric, gas(if you have it), phone bills, bed room tax, and with the cock ups and bed room tax CCJ’s on your rent arrears  then you start getting into CCJ’s with water and many many other day to day things. you’ll get so stuck in debt from living on a knifes edge it becomes imposable to stay in work unless for 6 months you do not have to pay rent of council tax and get a bit of support after finding work on a money front there is no way out of the poverty trap which in turn keeps people trapped on benefits. BUT instead of helping people out, they just give you endless kicks while you are down. I would love to start my own business, but because of debt I can’t get the funding. I need around £500 to start up that’s it, but even if I borrowed that it’d be eaten by debt before it even made it to my hands. I did not ask to be in this situation. with the shit I’ve been though I’ve never even got a chance to grab onto a ladder and clime out,  just get kicked in the face and shoved back down.
well anywhere here’s the reply.  I’ve had to copy paste it because word press can’t recognise the file type.

Dr. Sarah Wollaston M.P.

House of Commons




Annabella Laws and David Roach                                                                                                     SW/ns

Letter by email: <our email here>                                                                                                 18th October 2013
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Dear Annabella and David,

I have received a response from Working Links and I am enclosing a copy for your perusal.

I realise that you will be unhappy with the response, but unfortunately it would appear that it is not possible to change providers. I was pleased to see that Working Links are arranging for future appointments to be held at Totnes.

I do hope the enclosed information goes some way to clarifying the situation for you.

I am also attaching a copy of Working Links complaints procedure should you wish to take this further

Kind regards,


Dr Sarah Wollaston MP

  1. ………………Page Break………………Ms Laws / Mr Roach are considering self-employment and do not feel supported in their proposed business venture

We are keen to support our customers into sustainable self-employment where appropriate.  This involves a considerable commitment from the customer and we will only support where we have an assurance that the potential business idea is viable and sustainable.  We employ a self-employment consultant covering the Exeter and South Devon area who can work with customers to develop their business plan and access other provision where it may be available.

  1. Ms Laws / Mr Roach have experienced confusion and some difficulties relating to appointments in our Torquay office

I understand that Ms Laws and Mr Roach’s rural location has caused some difficulties with attending appointments in Torquay.  As JSA claimants, they are mandated to attend the Work Programme and Working Links expect customers to attend mandatory appointments.  Failure to do so could result in JobCentre Plus sanctioning benefits.  I apologise if there have been instances where communication has not been clear.  I would be happy to ensure that future appointments can be made to meet with Working Links at Totnes JobCentre Plus office.

  1. Ms Laws / Mr Roach have expressed a desire to move Work Programme providers

Work Programme in this area is delivered by Working Links and Prospects.  Once individuals have been referred to the Work Programme by JobCentre Plus, they work with that provider for a period of 2 years.  Individuals cannot change provider once they have been randomly allocated to a provider by JobCentre Plus.

  1. Ms Laws / Mr Roach have expressed their dissatisfaction with how their complaints have been handled

I am sorry that Ms Laws and Mr Roach are unhappy with the service they have received.  Our role is to both support and challenge our customers to ensure they are in a position to find sustainable work or self-employment.  I have attached a copy of our customer complaints procedure for reference.

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