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Appointment Problems and Working links

October 8, 2013

Been a while since I’ve found the time to post something,

Well I’ve found myself in a bit of a problem, Because according to working links a rearranged appointment (even given a week or more’s notice) is a missed appointment. Never mind that you rearranged it, they count it as missed. that’s one half of my “missed appointments” the other half of these “missed” appointments I’ve got with working links are where they have FAILED to tell me I even have an appointment with them! Telling me On the day 30mins or more AFTER I was meant to be attending them to me is NOT due notice! and  what’s worse this happens a lot, and not just to me!
I have lost count of the amount of times I have told working links that DUE to our rural location we need a minimum of 48hours notice to travel to Torquay. This  just so we can get the money out from our outreach post-office (and sometimes beg a relative for money and give them time to put it in our bank) to attend these stupid appointments. The reason for that is so that we do not miss the bus that would get us there for the stupid times they set!
Now we’re being told we missed another one last Wednesday, AFTER our adviser e-mailed us ON a Wednesday telling us we had to see her at 12Pm Wednesday at 11:45am!!! there is no bloody way I can get from my home to working links in 15 mins I’m a 2 hour trip away!! its 2 hours and 45 mins if you take into account the walking to the bloody bus stop!
so now our adviser as booked us onto a “helping you to find work” course told us its mandatory for Wednesday 9/10/13. Guess what, its our Sign on the same day at the same bloody times as the “course”, and will she help out? NO! just give us grief that if we don’t turn up the job centre will be notified about the missed appointments! All she’s got to do is phone the bloody job centre and tell them we’re on a course and we can’t make it to our job centre to sign on and get us excused because well be in Torquay NOT Totnes (where our job centre is) She expects us to be in 2 places at the same time and makes our life hell if we say sorry but I can’t do two places at once! its damned disgusting and I have tried complaining about this to the relevant places but they don’t do ANYTHING, nothing, just send a letter back saying its my fault! its sickening and I can’t believe their aloud to get away with this criminal practice!

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  1. n radford permalink
    December 3, 2013 5:58 pm

    I fully understand as i have the same issue tomorrow!!. Only difference is they have told me in two letters, three different dates of these stupid courses. They are a total joke and need closing down.

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