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DWP / JCP and Work Programme

February 21, 2013
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Ian Duncan Smith (I.D.S.) seems to think that work placement is voluntary? Sorry where and at what point are job seekers told its Voluntary? The scam gets in the way of actually finding work; a high court even ruled it’s unlawful. Unemployed are asking for HELP and SUPPORT from DWP and JCP but are instead systematically exploited! If you don’t take place in the Mandatory work programs that they claim are voluntary you lose your JSA. Never mind that JSA only amounts to 15.5 hours worth of pay (they expect you to job search 16h a week remember) but the work programmes make you do 30+ hours a week on 15.5 hours of pay, leaving you no time to job search, study or do your own volunteer work. Yet I.D.S doesn’t seem able to comprehend that JSA is paid to claimants to keep them out of poverty, not to do slave labour in places that are actively sacking staff to take them on as a free work force. Yes that is what is really going on. Unemployment figures are being hidden by these back to work scams. If you are on one of these slave placements and/or scams you are listed as being in education or in part time work, you are not listed as unemployed. That is how they claim that unemployment is falling, which is not the case, their being exploited as slave labour. You are made to take part in these under threat of starving and even being made homeless because they stop ALL benefits. Check a dictionary for forced labour, hard labour and slave labour to see what I mean.

Here’s the letters I got just recently, which start of as if they’re going to apologies for misinformation or some such, only to get a long winded work programme isn’t changing at all.Image

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  1. JSA permalink
    September 30, 2013 5:38 pm

    So George Osborne thinks that people on Jobseeker’s Allowance should have to “earn” their benefits by cleaning up litter and the like?

    What he fails to mention is that private sector companies like SEETEC will be paid up to £800 for each person partaking in this new scheme.

    If the Chancellor truly wants to help find unemployed people work, then might I suggest giving them a job and using the £800 to pay them a liveable wage. This would actually have the effect of reducing the cost to the taxpayer, instead of spending millions more with little, if any, reduction in the numbers claiming unemployment benefits.


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