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The reply’s from my letters of Complaint.

January 28, 2013

So as you know I’ve written to both working links and the DWP to file a complaint against the manager who bullied us at Working links in Torquay, making us miss our bus to get the job centre to ask some very important questions of our new deal adviser about going self-employed to ask what help was available. After all the Drama, bullying and humiliation we suffered in the space of 30 mins, just for asking our bus fare be reimbursed as they are MEANT to do. it seems like working links encourages their staff to bully their clients. and both DWP and the higher-ups in working links to jack squat about any of it. I have uploaded the letter from working links and the E-mail response from DWP. Personal details such as names and addresses have been blanked out or just removed in the case of the e-mail.

Dear (insert names)

Thank you for your e-mail dated 17 January 2013.

For your information, the Independent Case Examiner looks into maladministration (poor service) by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and its Agencies or Programme Providers, for example, delay in taking appropriate action, taking incorrect action, failure to respond adequately to correspondence, misinforming customers etc. However, this office cannot look into complaints about legislation or policy. This includes calculations of maintenance liability and benefit entitlement. Those matters must be challenged via the appropriate appeal process.

The Independent Case Examiner will normally only accept a complaint for investigation if you have gone through the Work Programme provider’s own complaints process. If having done so you still think that your complaint has not been dealt with properly you can ask the Independent Case Examiner to investigate. We would expect you to have received a final response from your provider.

In order for this office to register your complaint about Working Links, and to complete our enquiry as to whether you have received its final response, I would be grateful if you could provide the following information:

your full home address

a telephone number where we may contact you

a brief summary of the complaint you raised with the Chief Executive of Working Links

and, if possible, a brief explanation of what you think Working Links should do to put matters right. Once we have received this information, we will continue to register your complaint accordingly.

If you wish to find out more about the Independent Case Examiner service and standards, details can be found at If you are unable to access the website and would like a copy of our service and standards leaflet please contact us.

(insert name) Front Line Administration Team | Independent Case Examiner’s Office | (insert phone number) | Please consider the environment before printing

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  1. Alisdair permalink
    August 15, 2013 7:45 pm

    I don’t even sign-on and haven’t for over a year yet Working Links Ltd keep calling and texting me wanting to know the details of my presonal situation. I do not reply because its none of their business and its a disgrace that they are still harassing me like this for so long.

    I have not claimed any benefits since I signed off last year but they insist on calling me up as though they are some sort of STASI wannabes. I answered the telephome about 6 months ago and they grilled me about things like whether I owned my own home and what I was doing now and when I started and other presonal information. I do not see what I have now to report to them!! I looked them up onlione and before the dealt with the unemployed they were comissioned to deal with prisoners on probation and realase. From what I can see it wuld appear that the probation and rehabilitaion model has been applied to jobseekers now.

    I remember on my first day at Working Links I was told imediately upon arrival that I ‘had’ to sign a whole host of what I understand now were legal disclaimers, basically allowing them to collect and store data on me with my ‘consent’! At no point before I went to Working Links did my ‘adviser’ at the Jobcentre tell me that they would ask me to sign all these forms and at no point was I advised by Working Links themselves what the forms were. The staff gave the impression that it was routine and there was no questin that I was not going to sign them.

    It is a disgrace the way they behave. Even before I went to Working Links Ltd I saw people complaining at the Jobcentre reception that they were harassing them.

    I don’t know my rights and no one gives any advice as to what information I have to give and what I can say no to. I am sick of handing over all my personal data in general, never mind to a trumped up new fascist style mixing of the state and the private sector!

  2. David permalink
    October 21, 2013 4:48 pm

    I have been working for over six months now and still get atleast 2-3 phone calls a week from working links.
    I actually got the job myself and went down to the jobcentre to sign off with out telling working links where or who I was employed by…
    A few weeks went by then suddenly I got bombarded with letters and phone calls but I stil never replied and jst hung up my phone when I realized it was working links on the phone.

    What realy is bothering me is that last week I was in my parents house and my mobile went and it was a with held number, when I answered I was told it was my old work provider so I hung up straight away. ten seconds later my parents landline phone started to ring when I picked it up there was silence, I then checked n found out the number was with held…..

    surely working links would not try and contact my parents house…

    I will never reveal to them where I work due to the fact I HATED every minute of the work programme n hav settled in2 a new job… they wont b getting a bonus from me…

    • Justice Calls permalink
      July 24, 2014 7:15 pm

      Working Links are leeches sucking on the poor and disadvantaged in society their mission statement states ”..Our aim is to help disadvantaged sectors of society..” really? They do that how by plunging jobseekers into abject penury with the use of sanctions on the merest thing making appointments but forgetting to tell the ”customer” they have an appointment then referring them to be sanctioned.

      A generalissimo phoning you up and announcing they have arranged an interview for you in an hour 7 miles away although you do not have transport and have a prior appointment arranged four weeks hence and then tell you if you do not attend you will be sanctioned ( another brownie point for the sad inadequate individual to stick in their album) They appear to work as a collective no individuality all in pursuit of the magic bonus for their pay packet for getting one of the ‘customers’ ( referred to colloquially as scrounging scum) into shovelling shit for three months ‘take it or ve vill sanction you’

      The staff seem to be suffering from little man syndrome ( especially the women) their lives are that empty that such perceived power must make their existence seem worthwhile Dalek like they scream SANCTION SANCTION SANCTION express an opinion , sanction. Make a reply they do not like sanction. Not fawning or appearing grovelly enough sanction. Refuse to apply for some dross minimum pay job with one of their share holder’s companies sanction

      When the bald failed Tory leader who thought up the idea of punishing the poor whilst quaffing in the subsidised House of Commons bar is turfed out of office next year you can be sure he won’t need to claim with his Government pay off

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