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Work Program log 1

August 18, 2012

ImageImageSo today I’m starting a new log. Today its Work program With working links. You can see copies of the letter with addresses, phone numbers and -staff- names blanked out. neither myself nor my partner remember saying the could refer to us on a first name basis. you are told at least 3 times that its mandatory, once by your adviser at JCP, once in phone call from working links and then once in letter. (Click on the images to enlarge them to read the letters we were both sent.)
The name its self already bloody tells you! -Mandatory Work Programme
the most stupid and insulting part is that on the day they’ll try and say you have a choice. yeah you’ve probably already guessed it I’ve been on this before in 2010. It didn’t help then, So why is it going to help now? nothing ever changes. At the moment I’m worried about how I’m even going to get there, I know they refund your bus money, but you must first have the money.
So here we are, 18.8.2012 I’ve been referred to,Working links. This will be my 2nd time with them. I was sent to them in 2010. My first appointment is on the 28th..Whoo 3 hours of pointlessness filling out another form and being walked around with my hand held like a little 3 year old on a day trip. It didn’t work last time What do they think its going to do this time? I wont be signing anything, this time I’m going to be difficult, I don’t want them contacting people on my behalf, I can do that ON MY OWN. and once again its Mandatory. I’ve now been told this 3 times, once by my new-deal adviser and twice by working links, once in phone call and once in a letter. WTF are they going to help me with?! They failed last time What is going to change this time?!

I am of course trying to work out HOW I’m going to get to this appointment. it comes the DAY after we sign on, and our present JSA has failed to turn up in my bank account. it was meant to be in the bank TODAY! (18/8/12) there is nothing in there, so no I have to to work out where how ever many days of food is going to come from while they piss about.

This could not have come at a worse time for me, I’m helping out a friend who’s just been made homeless by letting him stay on my sofa. on the 16/8/12 where I had to drop everything to help him out on the spot.
I literally ran out of food last night, 17/8/12 and none of us with in the house have any money for anything, he can’t claim benefits because he now lacks a fixed address. (hmm the system really works doesn’t it. if he had a fixed addy he’d normally be on ESA)
I’m not a permanent fixed address for my friend he’s only with me a few days before he’ll be off to another friends sofa until shelter can find him somewhere. so 3 people NO food for how ever long its going to take JCP/DWP to pull their heads out of their rectums and pay me the previous 2 weeks money! especially if they want to to get to this stupid pointless mandatory work program B.S. with working links. I have to say I’m fuming at the moment, No food, no money for transport, and sure as hell no money to get to a job interview, because the job-centre can not do their jobs! their mistakes, screw ups and sanctions literally put peoples lives at risk, there needs to be harsher punishments for this kind of BS from JCP/DWP.
I read recently JCP call staff were going on strike again, they should be glad they have a job, however I am behind them 100% on their reasons WHY they are striking. that reason being (because this time its not over pay,) its over the BS targets set by DWP to screw people over.

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