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Pain and Hurt

July 17, 2012

No don’t worry I have not gone and done something stupid, this a poem that as sprung from the depths with in me, may’hap the earth speaking though me? I know not i wrote only from my feelings as if the words were spoken to me from within somewhere. this was 1 month before anyone in my family died BTW. But I woke up one night, loaded up word and just wrote this while half asleep, the test its self is ment to be centred, it looks like an hour glass. wrote, 20-01-2005 1:10:00am
This was back in the days I was still a net junker, Role played DnD style stuff online and was sort of coming out of the wiccan faze of my life.
the Original can be found here:

Pain and Hurt
Annabella Laws

The world, so cold, so lonely, dose anyone care?
I so often wonder. dose anyone stop, and think?
Feel, Hear, See that which their actions bring?
Each day they tug and grind and chew away,
without a care of the harm they bring.
The Earth, Gaia, Goddess, Mother.
She suffers with each day,
they chop, cut, wound,
stab, shoot at her.
How can they not see!
That by Murdering Earth,
they kill themselves?
Each day she dies I die with her,
I feel the pain of every living thing,
The killing for profit and land which no one truly owns.
Soon all animals will be gone, soon all the plants will be gone.
Then what will they do, you can’t eat metal and paper.

I take mans forged metal, it cuts my skin,
from the broken vessels from which my life flow,
a deep crimson fluid runs and I think
My pain I feel is nothing next to that of the mothers.
She weeps, she cries in pain, for her own children
as they kill her without a thought.
My life runs from my arm now, will I be missed?
Maybe, Perhaps, it wont matter to me I wont be around to see.
I let my life’s blood flow into the ground,
I know it wont heal mother but I hope it will bring
the beauty of life, as the plants grow in my place,
just one patch of beauty for all to see, where I died,
maybe then they will see the pain they bring to the world,
Will they see her beauty in full in front of them?
Or will they just chop it down and build on it?
Will they even remember me?



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