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Final MWA for June-July

July 17, 2012

Finally finished MWA on 11/July/2012  I have to say going to the Charity shop was a bit of fun, but I can’t really say I learned anything new, all I did for 4 1/2 weeks was; sort donations, steam cloths, wash up, make cups of tea/coffee, clean up store room a little bit and run small errands, and that was rinse and repeat every day. Very predictable and mind numbing most of the time, BUT the manager and real volunteers were a lot of fun, we’d joke around a little bit about random things, But we would always get on with our work while doing it. However it did seem 30h a week were simply to much and much more then the charity shop needed. She gets lumped with 2-3 people every 4 or so weeks and she only need 3-4 people in the shop at any one time. with the extra people she gets from MWA that makes 5 to 6 people in at any one time. You are often left with nothing to do and you are inventing jobs to do just to keep yourself busy. I must have randomly cleaned up bits and bobs from brick-a-brack at least 10 times a week, before in my last week I talked the manager into doing a REAL sorting out of it. Not that, that lasted more then 12 hours as more stuff just got dumped in, but it was safer to get at for a little bit.
I got to a point where I was getting songs stuck in my head from my mp3 player just to hum to myself while I was steaming, just to keep my mind active.

Now then to the Job hunt:

I’ve got to report to the job centre on 18/7/2012 probably get a lecture of some sort since I get that every time I go in anyway.

Two weeks ago she gave me 2 jobs on a print out format, and of course you HAVE to apply for them regardless. So I’ve tried. Problem is one of them doesn’t exist and the other is simply just not viable.
The one that doesn’t exist is an Asda Job in Paignton, in the print out I have a “link” to follow, Https://hourly.asa.job/TGWebHost.home.aspx?partnrid=25222&siteid=5034 (click on it and see for yourself)
when I typed this in I get 2 things happen to me
1: it requests admin password to access it
2: Server not found

So I did the only other thing that would make sense since Asda are asking you apply online, I went to and followed the following.
1: clicked on jobs in the top right of the site
2: clicked on search & Apply now found in top right
3: refined my search to Location: Paignton,

Busness unit: All,

Position Type; Permanent,

Full time/Part time: Full Time,

Shift pattern; Days.

Then clicked the search button prompt at the end of the form.
4: Search results. Well the problem is they came up blank.

So I tried the whole thing again this time setting everything except location to ALL so it looked like this:
 Location: Paignton,

Busness unit: All,

Position Type:ALL,

Full time/Part time: ALL,

Shift pattern; ALL.

Then clicked the search button prompt at the end of the form. and guess what? Blank! This job just dose not exist in fact there are NO jobs at all for the new paignton store! and I can put a sure bet down, that in the next week or so I’m going to get a doubt has arisen form AGAIN!


The not viable job, I have lost count of the amount of times I have TOLD my adviser it needs to be 16 hours to make transport costs remotely Viable (then you loose JSA as well for over 16h)

and  since if i work 16hours or more I have got to sign off, next I need 30h+ hours just to meet min living costs  and debt repayments!  So how the hell is a Temporary for 16 weeks at 4 hours week job 7 miles away going to help?! the money I would earn from it would only cover less the half of the bus fair used to get to it! But again if I Fail to apply of it they’ll sanction me for THEIR stupidity.  So I’m going to phone them today to get info on it (will add results to blog once I’ve phoned them), to see if its 4 hours in 1 day or 1 hour over 4 days. I’ve held of this long so my name stays fresh “when” job centre contact them. (Bet they don’t and still send me a stupid doubt has arisen form anyway.) Now if its 4 hours in 1 day that puts a few pennies on my pocket that I have to declare, but its still bloody pointless, and the only reason I’d take it up is just so I have something to do one day a week.

The Results:
Call 1: 13:58 phoned, my contact is not in office, However it turns out its 4 hours a day from mon to fri. HOWEVER they want an Experienced cleaner (oh dear, this is my first cleaning job) So gave my details and am now waiting for a call back if he gets back in office today.


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