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MWA entry 3

June 24, 2012

Just finished my 2nd week, Things are starting to get tough now. I seem to get stuck with the steaming cloths most of the day, Its an easy much needed to be done job, but I really wish the manger would choose what she wants out, get us to steam that and put the others up for storage, because I seem to be steaming the same item of clothing 4 or 5 times a week, because its become crushed and all crinkled again. the standing all Day is starting to Hurt my back and legs. Thankfully I can take brakes when it gets to much. (Unlike Woodlands Theme park Devon).
the weather down here in Devon at the moment is Awful, going between wet, to wet and windy, Not fun to walk 3 miles twice a day in, most of all in the mornings in with school traffic cars just zooming past and covering you in muddy water from the road, and not caring if they almost hit you in the process. Evenings are horrid as well with people in a sudden and urgent rush to get home, again not caring if they almost hit you.

Now comes the bus fair, while I was paid for the two weeks travel, The bus fairs just went up recently. I can now no longer get a weekly ticket from point A (My bus stop) To point b (the bus stop I want) It has to be the buses Point A (Where the bus starts its time table at) and the buses point b (where the buses timetable ends at) that is costing £35pw even the returns went up to £4:50 from the £3:40 for 4 rural stops. so the reimbursed/pre-paid money from P.P. didn’t cover costs. I’ll be seeing one of those guys on Tuesday and will discuss it then.

This week I’ve been left feeling both physically and mentally wiped out, between MWA, Debts and job centre this week I don’t think I’ve had so much as 1 min to myself. I’ve got to some how find a £60 I do not have by the first, Pay £45 in rent this month, and this sat was my last pay day for this month. I’m VERY worried and I’ve got the looming threat of job centre putting a 1 month sanction on me for their stupid doubt has arisen form for something they themselves may have screwed up for me before I myself even made contact!
Food wise it’s been a very lean week for me, I haven’t be-enable to afford to get food in, I can’t get to one of those food banks nor can I get to the doctors to get a much needed check up. I am literally trapped!
I have an appointment with our local CAB to see what they can do to help. but everything is in so much of a mess I doubt even they can help me.

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