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MWA log entry 2

June 17, 2012

The Work Placement update.

I’ve just finished my first week On my MWA placement. Finally met someone from pinnacle people face to face, And as we went though the document, the same threat came up “failure to take part in MWA will result in loss of benefits” So that brings me up to 4 threats, and my partner up to 2. The person hated reading that part, and felt it is unfair to keep pushing it, and explained its because there are some lazy bone-idle people out there who do abuse the system making it that much harder for everyone else. HE himself is a former police officer and is very friendly and I’d even go as far as to say playful in nature. He crossed off things I did not agree to on the signing thing, so in the end I only signed to agree That I would attend MWA and that I understood everything else. No more then that.
The placement its self isn’t so bad. Frankly the people there are VERY friendly the managers are Awesome, and at least its not taking up what would be a paying work slot. (Such as Tesco or some other similar places). pinnacle people Target Charities for their placements, So your taking up a slot for someone who would be volunteering, that’s something that is hard to come by, Volunteers are like gold dust to these places, So targeting places like this for MWA works well in all ways, as the charity get the much needed helping hands, You get the work experience, a Reference and a chance to get out and about and meet new people, and a chance to stay on as a volunteer if you wish (Which I may do). and The provider gets their contract.
pinnacle people pay your travel costs in advance, they refund you, so your not out of pocket at all when it comes to travel costs they make sure you’ve got enough to travel between seeing your advisor’s and recommend you get weekly bus/train tickets. which they want to see and get copies of, So that works well. (Unlike A4E who would take £4 off for “admin fees”)
However its not all good there are still draw backs.

  1. Lunch food. You are still consuming more then you would be if you were just stuck at home job hunting, to that ends up putting you out of pocket.
  2. Finding the time to fit in job search, with 50h of my week being taken up I’m finding it very hard to find the time or energy to get on my pc and start looking around. (I did it before I Started this blog)
  3. I’m missing highly important phone calls on my land line involving debts and court dates to contest some of the debts. (one of pinnacle people rules is your not aloud to use your mobile in class or work placements, That’s down tot he brats that do nothing but text and faff about on their mobiles all day. Thanks guys make life miserable for everyone else with your abuse.)

Other updates:

Filled out the doubt has arisen form from JCP, Not much I could really say, and both forms where for the same bloody place. I went in there I applied and I was flatly told I wasn’t what they are looking for. For me these could be down two a few issues but I have 3 that are likely to be the most likely for CATERING.

  1.  R.S.I. in my right hand, meaning its got to be supported at all times. NOT good for food Hygiene!
  2.  Suspected Irritable bowl Syndrome. (This meaning my bowl movement is very UN-predictable) Again Food Hygiene as I can’t be sure when I get the runs if it is I.B.S. or a bacteria that can be spread to food, and Food Hygiene even states that if you have the runs, you MUST stay away from food prep for a minimum of 24H.
  3. JCP contacting them before I applied after I lost everything from JCP the first time after Bailiffs came around. I Was lucky my Sign in book was mistakenly left with my advisor. So they were very Likely just put off.

What ever the reason was for this employment to feel I wasn’t what they were looking for I still Applied at Singing kettle.

So now its all a case of see how it goes. I see my advisor again this coming Wednesday, I know this coming JSA is literally going to vanish on bills and debts that are all set up to go out on pay day, SO JCP had better NOT bloody screw up, they’ve already made things bad enough for me!!!

My next update( if I can pay the phone bill) will be next sunday.

The Latest attack on Benefits.

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